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October 13, 2011
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Euvoria Builder Accessories by Darkicedragon17 Euvoria Builder Accessories by Darkicedragon17
Ok, so here it is. my Euvoria builder accessories project.

I'm getting pretty good at this. Though if you'd like other items to be added, ask and I'll see if I can add them to the builder.

Edit 1: added details to the shuriken and added the Scalchop

Edit 2: added more items, most of which are from the Legend of Zelda

Edit 3: Even more stuff added. I started adding some more complicated items

Edit 4: Added more items and fixed some of the old ones. Builder now includes the Shikon Jewel and its shards from Inuyasha (though they may be a little oversized) and the seven Dragon Balls.

Edit 5: More items have been added and some items have been tweaked. Though I want to add more, I cant think of anything else to add at the moment.

edit 6: Now with disclaimer.

edit 7: been playing the legend of Zelda Ocarina of time and decided to add some items from the game. Plus that big blank space was driving me crazy

Edit 8: more Zelda items.

Edit 9: added some new items, including the 6 sage medallions from Ocarina of time. Dont even get me started on how hard the designs for them were

Edit 10: new items and upgraded some items

Edit 11: fixed size of Shikon Jewel and its shard, and also added heart container and Piece of heart from Twilight Princess

Edit 12: added straw hat and horse call

Edit 13: happy birthday Kphoria

Edit 14: New items, can you guess where they're from?

Edit 15: Its bigger. It's Badder. Ladies and Gentlemen, The Euvoria Builder Accessories has returned with all new additions! Including my latest in a line of hopefully increasing arm mounted weapons. Hopefully in the future I can include smaller and sleeker weapons then the big clunky ones present here in the builder. but for now, that's what I got. I hope they'll allow for new creations in the future

Edit 16: more stuff. I'm really enjoying making new and original items. and if you notice, some of the items are getting more complex looking

Edit 17: made the organization easier so you guys can tell whats from what. though I havnt finished sorting everything, Little by little I'll try to sort everything out

Edit 18: wow, I'm getting really good at this. I honestly didnt think I'd be able to pull off adding something as complex as the Psyharden katana dite. I also organized everything now. I intend to keep adding items to this builder, and now that I've done something like the Psyharden Katana Dite, I'm confident I can add new more complex Items to the builder accessories

Edit 19: quickie edit. new items include a bow and The Hellmasters Jar

Edit 20: Yay! edit 20! anyway, big additions, most of which belong to the One Piece Series

Edit 21: lots of new stuff, including new originals

Edit 22: Now with Keroro Gunso/SGT. Frog items. the addition of a rocket was inspired by an image I found in :iconbowser14456:'s gallery

Edit 23: more items and fixed some items.

Edit 24: if you love one piece or Digimon, then you're gonna love this update. Lots of new One piece items and the new digimon items.

Edit 25: New items have been added, including ones from Kirby and Mario

Edit 26: wow, how long has it been since I updated this? Anyway, new items and updates, mostly D.Gray Man Stuff

Edit 27: new stuff, some stuff colored. And new weapons.

Edit 28: well this one didnt take very long huh? Anyway, new stuff. Sonic items and tweaked up some of the older items

Edit 29: wow, almost at 30. Anyway, more new items

Edit 30: new items, including headphones. Might make more headgear at somepoint

Edit 31: removed the world rings because Kphoria's version is much better. I also added some Naruto items to celebrate the reveal of Tobi's identity. (If you don't like spoilers, I strongly suggest not reading this next part) Tobi is Obito! I totally knew it!

Edit 32: added some more details to some items and added Yu-Gi-Oh! items

Edit 33: And we're back with some new gear. As always, I'll take suggestions for new items to add to this.

Edit 34: Now comes with Borderlands items and the scythe of my OC Zoan Death

Edit 35: I actually got this one done faster than I thought I would. Anyway, I hope you all really appreciate me for the hard work I put into this update, because none of it was easy. I added the candy item (it's under other) and a few pokemon items, but the biggest update comes from the Skullgirl's items, which were pretty tricky to do.

all items belong to their respective owners. Builder accessories created by me
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Could i use please?
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of course
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We need Pokemon Accessories.
Darkicedragon17 Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Kphoria's got most of those covered, but I could probably make rare candies and stuff like that and throw them in
LooneyTunerIan Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
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